Health Tip of The Day for Aging Men

Cabbage juice pressed out of a juice machine has the ability to reduce Estrogen levels in men seeking to lose weight. Did you also know Cabbage has small amounts of L-Glutamine in it, an amino acid that helps retain a positive nitrogen balance in muscle tissue? Try juicing raw Cabbage with a Granny Smith green Apple and sweet potatoes for the natural anabolic effect of achieving long-term weight loss and muscle building. You’ll be glad you did so.

Achieving Greatness in 2016

The Lord Jesus is blessing and helping me beyond average. Christ is ever so merciful and great! HE gives me each day to transform beyond the norm, lose weight consistently, gave me the full strength to overcome alcohol completely, and happy to say I’m officially 2 years and some months now beer & liquor free, in addition to close to 2 months Wine free. Glory to GOD. Real transformation champions are unsung heroes that never get the credit they righteously deserve from people, but its GOD who will reward those who positively endure to the very end, as they keep doing the transformation work out of inspiration.

Today’s workout:

20 minutes empty stomach pre-workout cardio – Burned over 220 calories

Close to 1hr. random workout – Quads, leg machine, hamstrings, back

10 minutes post-workout cardio – burned a little over 120 calories


Post-workout meal:

2 Crab & tuna sandwiches on bread

Low carb protein drink

3 day meal prep in the works. Feels so good to make healthy changes and strive daily for perfection.

Down 6 pounds and feeling ever so thankful. Moving forward at full strength out of inspiration and desperation. :-)

2 Years Beer & Liquor Free and Almost 2 Months Wine Free =’s “Completely Alcohol Free!”

The Lord Jesus gave me the full strength to continue doing the transformation work. Don’t let anyone else try to fool you because it is HE (Christ who is GOD) that strengthens me, as I give HIM all the credit, glory and honor due unto HIM.

Saturday morning workout:
5 minute pre-workout cardio @ 62 calories burned
1 hr. Abdominals –
5 sets hanging leg raises (1st set at 16 reps / 4 more sets @ 12 reps per set)
5 sets standing roman chir lower ab leg raises 5 reps x 5 sets
100 manual ab crunches (Haven’t done that many in 1 hr. in more than 20+ years)
4 sets machine ab crunches (kneeled) 4 sets x 25 reps per set (weight @ btw 57.5-65 lbs.)
10 minutes post-workout cardio @ 122 calories burned

Post-workout meal – 2 Tuna fish sammiches (yeah I said sammich…lol) + banana (too green to eat but I tried)
Next meal up: 44g ultra whey protein from Universal Nutrition
Stocked up on tupperware today. Meal prep on deck. Down 6 lbs. I stay blessed by inspiring others.
Be inspired no matter how many times you have to start over from scratch.